Litigation: assisting and representing clients in cases related to: (1) corporate disputes arising from protection of shareholders’ rights, fulfilment of shareholders or administrators’ obligations, transfer of shares, validity of corporate resolutions or registrations made with the trade registry, securities; (2) insolvency procedures; (3) administrative contentious disputes arising from administrative resolutions affecting rights towards permits, authorizations and any kind of approvals, or civil servants’ rights infringed by the public authorities which they serve; (4) protection of intellectual property rights; (5) real estate (protection of ownership rights, including recovery of property abusively seized by the former communist regime); (6) contravention complaints arising from contravention minutes issued by public authorities mainly with reference to lack of fiscal registrations, breach of accountancy regulations, infringement of construction rules, lack of permits/authorizations, infringement of traffic rules, etc.; (7) consumers’ rights; (8) labor conflicts; (9) family law disputes.

Arbitration: assisting and representing clients in all kind of disputes which may be subject to arbitration settlement.

Mediation: recently, mediation has come under the spotlight and the watchful eye of many state legal systems for its ability to resolve party disputes, reduce court case loads and overall legal costs; several reasons persuade people to choose mediation over procedures involving arbitration/courts: gain of time, less expensive, confidential process, based on mutual endeavor of the parties, reimbursement of arbitration/court fees.




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